With the support of the Cuba – European Union, FIIAPP, CIAT, Italy and Mexico Exchange Program, the Government of Cuba is committed to the control of international avoidance and evasion, transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes.

On June 5-9, 2017,  officials from Guardia di Finanza of Italy, SAT of Mexico and the CIAT Executive Secretariat visited the tax administration of Cuba (ONAT) to consider issues dealing with the control of tax fraud and in particular, international operations.

The purpose of the mission was to provide basic knowledge for identifying strategic priorities and designing action plans in the aforementioned areas.

As a result, it was decided to move forward in the control of transfer pricing, which is regulated in articles 129 and 130 of Law 113 of the Cuban Tax System. Also anticipated is the strengthening of transparency and effective implementation of information exchange.

With respect to the control of tax fraud, the strengthening of capacities was determined as a priority, in order that the tax administration may cooperate with the country’s different relevant actors and develop techniques that may allow for the timely identification of risks.

In a seminar held on Thursday, June 8, the experts shared their viewpoints on the subjects of the technical assistance with the different Government actors.

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