For some time now, the tax administrations of Brazilian states have been modernizing to offer virtual services to taxpayers in order to improve the functioning of the economy  and the fulfillment of various tax obligations. As a result, the need to move personally to the federal tax offices or state and municipal treasury…

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This year 2020 all the Tax Administrations (TAs) of the planet began implementing a plan of tax control or annual plan of control, reflecting their strategy of control, inserted in the general strategy to raise levels of voluntary compliance by taxpayers seeking a balance between the control function and the…

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I can almost hear Latin American tax authorities thinking: ‘What is this about improving dispute resolution?’. ‘Isn’t this only helping tax evaders?’ And: ‘Our priority is collecting revenue.’ ‘This is only going to cost us.’ At Tribute, our contribution is, above all, to justice. Justice for taxpayers, yes. But justice…

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  These three stories presented here show what I pointed out a few days ago … that the process of digitalizing tax administrations is much more than setting rules for teleworking. We must pay attention to this whole process, with sufficient legal rigor and flexibility to ensure the validity and…

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In memory of Francisco Abea Tax administrations, given the nature of their functions, require access to information held by the financial system. Ensuring tax compliance without knowing actual financial flows generates “short-sighted” tax administrations. This motivates them to implement unorthodox procedures to indirectly access information to deploy controls, taxes on…

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Intuitively Even if we have been trained and specialized in tax administration matters, tax risk analysis, or matters of international taxation or special evasion practices in specific economic sectors such as tourism or mining, or in the management of processes for tax administration, including very rigorous field audits, perhaps the…

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