Part 1 In Germany, the Bundesrechnungshof, which is the supreme federal authority for federal audit matters and is tasked with examining the performance of the German government’s financial management, said that new mechanisms for fraud detection are needed, such as real-time reporting, and that they should be better connected with blockchain…

We are witnessing a time of historical crisis where States need, more than ever, resources to finance the policies needed to face it. In many countries, tax reforms are being studied, proposing either an increase in current taxes or the establishment of other new taxes. In view of this, it…

  Link to Revenue Report Covid-19 (RRC). 2021 First Quarter.  After  year 2020 in which revenue collection in constant values in the countries analyzed in the Report fell by an average of -9.3% (Excise Tax, -12.1%; Income Tax, IT -8.2%; VAT, -7.8%), although with significant heterogeneity by country (from -26.9%…

Our recent book, Rebellion Rascals, and Revenue: Tax Follies and Wisdom through the Ages, draws lessons for the present from millennia of tax history. Tax administrators have a starring role. Tax collection may be the world’s second oldest profession. Those who do the collecting, in any case, have been for millennia…

Undoubtedly, we are at a historic moment in the matter of the digitalization of Tax Administrations (TAs), which obviously accelerated, unplanned and unexpectedly, due to the isolation and closure measures of many of the dependencies, product of the Covid-19 pandemic. TAs are incorporating technology, becoming digital on a permanent basis…

Introduction An effective exchange of tax information (EOI) between States is essential to achieve “an equal playing field” and thus eradicate the evils of unfair competition that produces the opacity offered by certain countries. Currently, it is possible to identify two international standards of EOI driven from the G20, and…

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