Introduction In 2009, the exchange of information in the tax field (EOI) began to take importance in international agendas. In that year and in a complicated context, resulting from the systemic crisis, the G-20 called to meet the first world’s standard, based on the exchange of information on request (EOIR),…

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In some projects, creating remote workgroups with some team members are necessary because the conditions of work and possibly the composition of the team do not allow us to be always physically present. For this reason, it is important to know that remote working conditions deserve special care and attention.…

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CIAT will be promulgating its comprehensive detailed transfer pricing directive by mid-July 2019. A broad consensus within the CIAT tax community established a comprehensive three-year 142-page transfer pricing directive. This document at present will be available only in Spanish. The consensus directive is termed the “Coctel de medidas para el…

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As stated in a previous comment[1], there is currently the generalized consensus that the basic strategic objective of a modern Tax Administration (TA) is to increase the levels of taxpayer voluntary compliance, by means of two main lines of action. These are: by affording facilities to those who wish to…

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In a modern office with large windows and designer furniture located in a central street in a Latin American capital. The telephone rings. Saul pick up the handset. His assistant tells him that Mr. Gómez, very nervous, is asking to speak to him urgently.  Saul: Saul listening. Gomez: Saul I…

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During the last 26th and 27th of June, the “International Seminar on Tax Justice” was held in Quito, Ecuador; on occasion of the celebrations for the 60 years of tax justice in that country, organized by the Judicial Council, the School of the Judiciary, the Simon Bolivar Andean University and…

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