Executive Council

Consists of nine Council Members elected annually by the General Assembly. It is responsible for managing and following up the performance of activities and the execution of the Executive Secretariat budget, in addition to outlining CIAT’s institutional strategies.


Consists of one President and eight Council Members. The President will be the representative of the member country hosting the General Assembly or, if the latter were held in a country from a region other than the Americas, the representative of a country of the Americas that the General Assembly designates. In case of temporary absence or left office, his substitute shall be chosen from among the representatives of member countries that sit in Council. The outgoing President or whoever replaces him in his capacity as representative of his country and the representative of the member country hosting the next General Assembly shall be ex officio Council Members. The remaining six (6) Council Members shall be elected by the Assembly for a two-year term, with only one of them being a representative of a country from a region other than the Americas. Renewal will take place annually by halves.

2021 – 2022


Guatemala– Marco Livio Díaz Reyes

Superintendent – Superintendency of Tax Administration


 Argentina – Mercedes Marcó del Pont

Federal Administrator – Federal Administration of Public Revenues

 Canada – Cathy Hawara

Assistant Commissioner – Canada Revenue Agency

 Dominican Republic – Luis Valdez Veras

Director General of Revenue – General Directorate of Internal Taxes

 Ecuador – Marisol Andrade Hernández

General Director – Internal Revenue Service

Panama – Publio De Gracia

Director -General Directorate of Revenues

Portugal – Helena Maria José Alves Borge

Director General of Revenue – Tax Customs Authority

Suriname – Ismaël Kalaykhan

Director of Taxes and Customs – Directorate of Taxes

 Uruguay– Margarita Faral

Director General of Revenue – General Directorate of Taxation

Executive Council

  • Panama, Panama, March 17 - 18, 2022

Administrative Session – General Assembly

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 25, 2022

Finance Subcommittee

  • Panama, Panama, February 21 - 25, 2022

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