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CIAT is a public non-profit international organization, created in 1967, with the mission of offering an integral service for the modernization, strengthening and technification of the Tax Administrations of its member countries, currently 42 countries in four continents: 32 American countries; five European countries; four African countries; and one Asian country.

CIAT develops activities in the areas of international meetings, tax studies, international taxation, publications, training, technical cooperation, and information technology, within the framework of the current Strategic Plan and Annual Operating Plan approved by our member countries.



Promote international cooperation and the exchange of experiences and information and provide technical assistance, studies, and training, thus contributing to the strengthening of tax administrations, and the promotion of equitable development in member countries.


Become the reference organization in the offering of tax administration products and services to its member countries.



CIAT promotes in its activities the fundamental principles and values of taxation and of good administrative and institutional management.

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