CIAT Technical Conference 2013 – Nairobi, Kenya

The 2013 CIAT Technical Conference took place this September 9 to 12, under the auspices of the Kenya Revenue Authority, on the topic: “Prevention and control of tax evasion”. The technical sessions were held in the United Nations Building in Nairobi, Kenya. The Conference was attended by a total of 50 delegations: 23 CIAT member countries, 14 invited countries, and 13 international organizations and institutions related to the CIAT. This Technical Conference was about the most important challenge faced by tax administrations today: the prevention and control of tax evasion. The focus was on the role and practice of Auditing, a relevant though not the only dimension of that complex social phenomenon. The Conference was organized around three main topics: Tax auditing in the digital age, Presumptive taxation and the use of third-party information, and specialized control in critical sectors (Gas, oil and lubricants; Mining and telecommunications).

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Conference information: Virtual presentations in the CIAT 2013 Technical Conference

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