Update of Tax Rates at CIATData

The CIAT places at your disposal the update (2018) of tax rates in Latin America on: Value Added Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax and Financial Transaction Tax.

This update is available on the CIAT´s website, section of CIATData Tax Rates. We invite you to visit the site where you can view and download the new available data.

At CIATData you can access the basic information about the tax systems and tax administrations of CIAT member countries: historical comparisons of tax rates of the main taxes (updated up to 2018); evolution of national and sub-national collection (tax, social contributions, natural resources and infrastructures) (updated 1990-2018 and historical data); main tax expenditures (2005-2018); tax legislation (updated 2018); double taxation and/or information exchange agreements or treaties (updated 2016); tax management, tributary courts (updated 2018); transfer pricing (updated 2018), DIP (updated 2019), BEPS monitoring (updated 2019) and Database of Transnational Cases Involving the Erosion of the Taxable Base (updated 2019).

For any questions or clarification you may contact Gaspar Maldonado gmaldonado@ciat.org and Julio Alberto López jlopez@ciat.org

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