The Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) of Guatemala is working on the modernization of its collection processes with the support of CIAT, NORAD and SECO

Within the framework of the project to modernize the collection processes implemented through the support provided by the CIAT-NORAD Cooperation Program (Norwegian Cooperation Agency), on August 30, 2023, the SAT of Guatemala received the visit of the CIAT International Cooperation Manager, to learn about the achievements and progress that the Tax Administration of Guatemala has made in the field of collection in the last three years.

During the visit, the important work that the officials of the Intendancy of Collection and the Intendancy of Legal Affairs have been doing was evidenced. This work has allowed to improve collection rates and reduce non-compliance breaches, in an increase in risk perception and consequently, an increase in voluntary compliance.   In addition, SAT has achieved greater reliability of the portfolio of receivables and an improvement in the recovery of delinquent or uncollectible loans.

Currently, the development of an IT tool to manage the risk profile of taxpayers in the Collection Intendency is being finalized, which, once implemented, will be of vital strategic importance for SAT as it will be able to systematically determine the actions taken by the Institution with respect to debtors.

Let us remind that the project to modernize the collection processes is also enhanced with the support of the SAT-CIAT-SECO Cooperation Program, a framework in which a computerized collection system that will optimize the current Legal File Management System (SGEL, for its acronym in Spanish) is being developed.

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