With the support of OECD, the World Bank and CIAT, SUNAT of Peru takes steps towards the effective exchange of tax information

On April 18 to 20, 2016, a regional seminar in the frame of the Global OECD Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information called “The Last Mile” took place in Lima, Peru. Its main purpose is to support the implementation of effective exchange of information for tax purposes and to promote the “culture of tax information exchange” between officials responsible for tax control.

Expert officials of the Global Forum, the World Bank and CIAT participated to the activity, as well as valuable contributors from the tax administrations of a group of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean: Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

During the seminar, the key aspects of the OECD standard for the exchange of tax information were treated; success stories from some tax administrations and case studies based on real cases were reviewed and discussed by the participants.

In addition, on April 21 was held the workshop on automatic exchange of information. Experts at the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information presented the CRS standard, while representatives of the tax administrations of Colombia, Mexico and Chile shared their experiences in the field of FATCA, CRS and exchanges of information practiced under this modality with respect to different categories of income and assets. This activity included participants from the business community of Peru and other interested public agencies.

Mr. Victor Martin Ramos Chavez, National Superintendent SUNAT – Peru

Main table with the co-sponsoring organizations: SUNAT, Global Forum, CIAT and World Bank.

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