Robert Feinschreiber (RIP)

Robert Feinschreiber (RIP)

Robert Feinschreiber was senior consultant at Charles River Associates (CRA). Feinschreiber was member of CRA’s transfer pricing leadership team. He was a well-recognized transfer pricing expert and experienced tax practitioner, having increased responsibilities. Feinschreiber was well-recognized for his transfer pricing controversy expertise on behalf of multinational enterprises or on behalf of tax administrations. Feinschreiber’s website is

Feinschreiber developed and applied many cost accounting by-product and joint product techniques for multinational enterprises. Feinschreiber simultaneously attended Yale Law School and Columbia Business School.

Feinschreiber initiated and developed the profit-split method before its enactment. He initiated and developed the transfer pricing allocation key system. Feinschreiber initiated and developed the International Sales Corporation (DISC) transfer pricing system on behalf of the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Treasury. He developed an initiated the agribusiness public exchange – transfer pricing quotation system on behalf the IRS.

Feinschreiber served as an advisor to transnational institutions – the United Nations, the OECD, and CIAT. CIAT selected Feinschreiber to be a member of CIAT’s 25-member transfer pricing advisory group earlier in 2018. Feinschreiber was much involved in CIAT process of strengthening tax administrations to enhance their transfer pricing capabilities. Feinschreiber served as advisor in Canada, the United States (on multiple occasions), Brazil, Russia (under Yeltsin), China, and separately, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Mexico.

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