Fernando Velayos

Fernando Velayos
Consultor internacional en política tributaria

Fernando Velayos is an international tax policy and tax administration consultant. He carries out technical assistance on tax reforms along emerging countries of Latin-America and Africa. He also co-operates with several International Organizations like OECD, IMF, Inter-American Development Bank or CIAT (Inter-American Center for Tax Administrations).

He is a lawyer and an economist from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. In 1992 he joined the Spanish Tax and Customs Auditors Corps (by public examination).

For a number of years, he worked for the Spanish Tax Office, as an advisor to the Secretary of State (Vice-Minister) for Finance and as the Deputy Director for International Tax Policy; as well as a leader fiscal specialist for Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, DC.

He was a Value Added Tax professor at the IE University (Madrid) Masters Law degree (LL.M.) and is a participant in several Spanish Universities and international fora discussing tax policy and tax administration. He’s co-authored several books on different tax topics and has published articles on int’l tax, VAT, Wealth tax, etc.

He’s also a regular posts author in Agenda Publica (blog) about tax issues as well as in other blogs (CIAT, IADB).



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