SAT of Guatemala organizes its IV Meeting of Cooperants in Antigua

For the fourth consecutive year, Guatemala’s SAT organized its meeting in the city of Antigua with the participation of 14 cooperants, whose purpose is to disseminate the progress made in the institution as a result of SAT’s 2018-2023 Institutional Strategic Plan, with the support of cooperation programs, publicizing their future prospects, promoting coordination of efforts among cooperants and motivating more cooperation.

The meeting was inaugurated by the SAT Directorate, Mr. Victor Martinez, Minister of Public Finance of Guatemala, Chairman of the Board, and the Directors Ms. Silvia Liliana Castillo Martinez and Ms. Adriana Estevez Claveria. Mr. Abel Francisco Cruz Calderón, Superintendent of Tax Administration -SAT- and key officials of the organization provided presentations.

This meeting constitutes a good practice that allows, through the beneficiary organization of cooperation programs -SAT-, to coordinate efforts among cooperators -cooperation agencies, international organizations and donors- and to receive feedback, in order to advance on projects with a medium- and long-term vision, that allows capitalizing knowledge and building on the bases.


CIAT was represented at this meeting by Mr. Isaac Gonzalo Arias Esteban, Director of International Cooperation and Taxation, who had the opportunity to verify the progress made by SAT in the projects related to electronic invoicing, taxpayer registration and control of large companies; which were financed through the CIAT-SECO cooperation program in the past years. On the other hand, it was possible to know and evaluate next steps in the area of the tax current account, which will be supported by the CIAT-NORAD Program in the coming years.

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