Review of “ICT As A Strategic Tool To Leapfrog The Efficiency Of Tax Administrations” by Daniel Alvarez

“In the current era of the digital economy, ICT solutions applicable to data management for tax administrations are becoming not only more accessible, but also increasingly transformative. When successfully implemented, taxpayers and tax officials are experiencing new paradigms in terms of ease of compliance and efficient administration.  This is made possible by transforming zillions of bytes of tax information available as never before, into effective service and enforcement strategies based on risk management.

Nevertheless, many revenue administrations are still facing steep challenges in their quest to fully embrace digitalization as a mean to enhance tax compliance levels and revenue collection. Based on longstanding World Bank experience supporting tax administration modernization projects worldwide, fiscal authorities are still struggling in their quest for digital-driven transformation at different levels: from strategy and procurement to execution and evaluation. Those challenges are often faced amid pressing needs for countries to improve revenue mobilization towards development goals, within complex internal and external environments.

At this critical juncture, the flagship report on ICT and efficiency of tax administrations comes along as a valuable toolkit for policy-makers muddling through strategic options and implementation challenges. Different from similar type of endeavors, the report sheds light on a single and comprehensive manner to key foundations and technical aspects to be considered for an effective implementation of ICT solutions to tax administrations. Considering its wide breath of technical detail across key functions, processes and desired outputs, intermingled with well documented country examples of successful stories, the flagship report is likely to become immediately a classic in the tax administration literature. A most-read for tax experts and policy makers alike throughout the Latin America and the Caribbean region and beyond”.

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