ONAT and the University of Havana sign a collaboration agreement to enhance the tax culture and assist taxpayers

July, 8, 2022. The National Office of Tax Administration (ONAT) and the University of Havana (UH) signed a collaboration agreement, whose main objectives will be to promote and facilitate reciprocal exchange, applied research, and enhance the tax culture by assisting taxpayers.

Dr. Miriam Nicado García, rector of the high center of studies, signed for the UH and for the ONAT, the MSc. Mary Blanca Ortega Barredo, Head of the institution.

Also participating in the signing ceremony of the important collaboration document, officials from both institutions and university students from the Accounting Faculty of the UH, already inserted in the initiative, who begin their actions of active assistance with non-compliant taxpayers.

Among the objectives of the agreement are the realization of professional practices, training and the introduction in the economy, results of the investigations that they carry out.

The assistance actions that the students will carry out to promote the tax culture in the taxpayers will be based on the explanation of the destination of the taxes, as well as the services and facilities provided by the ONAT for the voluntary compliance.

To identify the main causes that generate tax noncompliance and propose solutions for its prevention, university students will have a survey designed by ONAT.

The questionnaire, converted into a computer tool, will be filled out by the students themselves from their phones, tablets or computers, with the answers offered by the respondents to each of the questions and a computer program will be in charge of processing the statistics collected.

With this information, the ONAT will be able to discover the existing gaps in its management, the difficulties that prevent taxpayers from complying, and seek solutions to these problems. It will also allow you to carry out more efficient and effective specific assistance and communication actions and deploy proactive work to avoid future breaches; while students will be able to use them in investigative work on the subject.

Regarding the spheres of collaboration in which to develop future joint work, the ONAT-UH agreement identified undergraduate and postgraduate professional training, science and innovation, and the provision of services through contracting.

It also provides for the organization of cycles of specialized conferences that will be given by academics and national and international experts, with the collaboration of the CIAT and other international organizations.

The exchange actions in the academic sphere will focus on offering multiple employment facilities through employment contracts, presenting study topics for theses and research papers, location once graduated, specialization and preparation in tax matters, presentation at events and stimulating participation in tax forums and involvement in technological innovation projects, associated with national and international collaboration programs.

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