II Meeting of the International Taxation Network

With the cooperation of the EUROsociAL+ Program, the IDB, Spanish Cooperation and SAT of Guatemala, CIAT held the second meeting of the International Taxation Network in Antigua.

Left to right: Beatriz García Beltrán, Democratic Governance Technique, Eurosocial + Program; David González, Head of the International Taxation Department of the SAT of Guatemala; Marisa Zúñiga Monzón, AECID and Marcio Verdi, CIAT Executive Secretariat.

The second meeting of the International Taxation Network was held on October 8-10, 2018 in Antigua, Guatemala. Fifteen tax administrations from the Ibero-American countries, IDB, OECD, World Bank, IMF, the EUROsociAL+ program, as well as the universities Externado de Colombia, Leiden and Maastricht, the latter one from the Netherlands, participated therein.  There were also representatives from civil society (Latindadd and TJN) as well as from the private sector (E&Y and Vizor).

On this occasion, the meeting was focused on the exchange of experiences and the work of international organizations , academia and civil society, followed by the consideration of specific experiences of tax administrations that have been supported by CIAT cooperation programs and its partners. One of the experiences presented dealt with the transfer pricing control risk model of the SRI of Ecuador, whose design was supported by CIAT, GIZ, UN and SAT of Mexico.  The other presentation involved the achievements in transfer pricing control by SAT of Guatemala, with the support of SRI of Ecuador, SAT of Mexico and the CIAT-SECO Cooperation Program.

Left to right: Omaraly Blanco CIAT International Taxation Coordinator, Gonzalo Arias CIAT Cooperation and International Tax Director, Anarella Calderoni Inter of the Maastricht University at CIAT.

Other relevant projects presented which are being developed by CIAT within the framework of the Network were: the transfer pricing data base, with information on 24 countries dealing with tax policy and administration aspects (https://www.ciat.org/transfer-pricing/?lang=en ).  Another project is the “Cocktail of measures for transfer pricing control in developing countries”, prepared by CIAT with SAT and SHCP of Mexico for proposing more prescriptive measures that may afford greater certainty, avoid abusive transfer pricing manipulation and to the extent possible, allow for generating a greater level of simplification. The proposal was presented, discussed and in general, well received by the participants in the Network. Finally, advances by CIAT, GIZ and the University of Maastricht, in relation to the development of the Harmful or Aggressive Tax Planning Data Base, as well as cases identified by Chile, Spain and Uruguay were presented, by observing with respect to the latter, due confidentiality.

Said meeting represents only one action within CIAT’s international taxation program, which as a result of the dialogue and exchange of experiences, brings about technical assistance projects and generates products for the tax administrations.

We are most grateful to all those who contributed to the success of this event.

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