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  • 7 September, 2018

Given the importance for us of providing continuous training to keep tax professionals up to date with everything related to aspects of tax administration and international taxation, we announce that we have opened the registrations of the thirteenth edition of the Course on the Control of Financial Institutions and Operations, of the sixth edition of the updated version of the Course on Transfer Pricing, the seventh edition of the Diploma in Tax Administration and the second edition of the Course on Tax Estimates.

How do I apply?

You must complete the registration form that is available in each virtual course. Those who have never taken a course with CIAT should send the following documents to capacitacion@ciat.org:

  1. Copy of the national identification document or valid passport.
  2. Letter of endorsement that indicates your status within the Tax Administration and / or Company.
  3. Undergraduate or postgraduate university degree.

Once the inscriptions have been completed, you will receive a formal registration confirmation message and simultaneously, in the case of public officers, we will send a letter to your tax administration requesting the validation of your registration.

How to make the payment?

The payment instructions for the courses that have the minimum number of enrollments will be sent via email. The means of payment that we are handling currently are bank transfer and credit / debit cards. In some cases, payment through Western Union is accepted.

How are the virtual courses?

The online training consists of programs that are carried out without face-to-face attendance, through a device with Internet connection, using ICT. Currently, there are several types of online training: self-study, guided by tutors, and MOOC (massive). In the case of the CIAT programs, they are taught through the CIAT virtual campus, https://capacitacion.ciat.org with tutors who accompany the students’ training process. The training programs include study material, as well as individual/group activities that allow evaluating the academic performance and the knowledge acquired by the participants (forums, tasks, evaluations, cases, workshops, self-evaluations), previously established in the academic planning of the course.

To complete the CIAT courses it is important to take into account the following aspects:

  • Access to Internet
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser
  • Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player and Java plugins updated
  • “Cookies” option enabled
  • Popup option unlocked
  • To have all the necessary permissions for the accessing external pages

What certification will I receive?

The participants that fully develop the training process and comply with the activities will receive a certificate issued by CIAT, where the course approval is accredited.

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