Tax Policy and Technique Program

This course seeks to provide specialized knowledge on the topic of Tax Policy and Tax Technique through the strengthening of structural and strategic concepts as a fundamental in understanding the design and development of the tax policy and the structure of a country’s tax systemThe course is offered in Spanish and portuguese.

It aimed at officials of the tax administrations of CIAT member countries, as well as the general public that works in the tax area or has an interest in itLikewise, it’s has a duration of 25 weeks and 300 academic’s hours.

The Training Coordination issues certificates of approval in physical format, for which participants have the minimum grade of approval of the course 

The course will develop the following topics:

– Lesson 1. The Financing of the Public Sector

– Lesson 2. The Map of Coactive Instruments

– Lesson 3. The Selection of Instruments

– Lesson 4. Tax Models

– Lesson 5. The Tax Administrator as Advisor in the political scope.

– Lesson 6. Capacity of the Administration, Social Acceptance of the Tax and Normative Design

– Lesson 7. The Financing of the different Levels of Government

– Lesson 8. Between the Private Pricing and the Tax

– Lesson 9. Estimating the Income tax

– Lesson 10. The Basic Structure of Personal Income Tax. First Part

– Lesson 11. The Basic Structure of Personal Income Tax. Second Part

– Lesson 12. Corporate Tax

– Lesson 13. The Taxation on Donations and Successions

– Lesson 14. The Taxation of Assets

– Lesson 15. The General Taxes on Sales

– Lesson 16. Value Added Tax

– Lesson 17. Taxes on Specific Consumption and Tariff Rights

– Lesson 18. Regulatory Taxes

– Lesson 19. The Financing

– Lesson 20. The Organization of the Tax Administration


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The interested in enrolling in courses must fill out the registration form and accompanied by photocopies of the following:

  • University graduate or postgraduate.
  • Identity.
  • In the case of public agents, a certificate issued by the Human Resources indicating their status within the Administration.

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