Course in Managerial Skills

The course seeks to develop skills and abilities to act strategically and make decisions in the changing world of Taxation that affect the Tax Administration managementThe course is offered in Spanish.

It is intended for Managers, Administrators, Directors or Heads of various Tax Administration Departments and other staff members directly involved in administration, planning and management in the Tax AdministrationsLikewise, it’s has a duration of 31 weeks and 450 academic’s hours.

The Training Coordination issues certificates of approval in physical format, for which participants have the minimum grade of approval of the course 

The course will develop the following topics:


Lesson 1 .Introduction to the course

Lesson 2 .The Role of the Manager

Lesson 3 .Fundamental Communication Skills

Lesson 4 .Emotional Intelligence Work Site Management

Lesson 5 .Presentation Skills

Lesson 6. Tax Administration Organization Models

Lesson 7. Balanced Strategic Measurement System

Lesson 8. Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Lesson 9. Strategic Thinking for Managers and Leaders

Lesson 10. Introduction to Performance Management and to Circumstantial Leadership

Lesson 11. Performance Planning and Follow-up Information

Lesson 12. Productivity Planning and Feedback

Lesson 13. Team Leadership, First Part

Lesson 14. Team Leadership, Second Part

Lesson 15. Achievement of Agreement through Problem Solution Based on Interest

Lesson 16. Customer Satisfaction

Lesson 17. Understanding Individual and Organizational Change, First Part

Lesson 18. Understanding Individual and Organizational Change, Second Part

Lesson 19.  Understanding and Leading Organizational Change, Third Part: Strategic Influence

Lesson 20.  Working on Real Problems, First and Second Parts

Lesson 21.  Planning for Success

Lesson 22. Implementing Transition


Training Programs Technical Assistance Trainers Network
The interested in enrolling in courses must fill out the registration form and accompanied by photocopies of the following:

  • University graduate or postgraduate.
  • Identity.
  • In the case of public agents, a certificate issued by the Human Resources indicating their status within the Administration.

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