CIAT progresses towards materializing the initiative on Availability of Public Information of Tax Interest (DIP)

With the support of the Federal Revenue Secretariat of Brazil (RFB) and the financial cooperation of GIZ, a workshop was held in Brasilia on May 8 to 10, 2018, whose purpose was to present the IT tool developed by SERPRO, RFB and CIAT, to train officials of tax administrations on its use and define criteria in order to develop manuals that allow harmonizing the exposure of the information sources that are loaded in DIP.

The software developed was tailored to the initiative, allowing to provide access to public information sources available on the web, as well as unpublished sources of information. In both cases, access to information or contact information of the organization that provides the information is presented with a series of useful attributes to facilitate the search. Among them, necessary data to access the information source, data available in the source of information, description of the information source, cost of information, among others. The software is endowed with a powerful search engine that allows combining the search of words, with geographical references and category of information.

In the coming months we will be preparing manuals, carrying out tests and adapting the information loaded at the workshop, with the purpose of effectively implementing the first DIP pilot test.

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