The Belize Tax Service continues to improve its Risk Management Model within the framework of the CIAT-SECO Cooperation Program

Between October 02 and 06, 2023, the Belize Tax Service (BTSD) received the technical visit of a CIAT consultant, with the objective of strengthening the processes for risk management in Belize. The Belize Tax Service (BTSD) has taken a major step towards improving its Risk Management Model with the support of the cooperation of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of Switzerland and CIAT. The project, which at the current stage focuses on the processes related to the registration of medium-high taxpayers, has reached several important milestones, including the identification, assessment and mitigation of risks. In addition, specific Risk Indicators have been defined that will allow measuring the results.

Photo 1: Randy Young, Lisa Grabb Clare and Martin Siemenson
Photo 2: Viviana Young, Alexandria Grinage , Zamira Leiva, Randy Young and Martin Siemenson
Photo 3 : Sign Monument to Belize

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