Ubaldo Gonzalez de Frutos

Ubaldo Gonzalez de Frutos

Ubaldo Gonzalez de Frutos is a Sector Lead Specialist in Tax Administration at the IDB Headquarters in Washington D.C., with international taxation and modernization of the tax administration as his main interests. He has held various responsibilities in the Spanish Tax Agency, including the territorial Federal Tax Service Inspectorate, the Office of the General Director, the National Office of Tax Management, the Department of Financial and Tax Inspection and the Central Delegation of Large Taxpayers. The other part of his career has taken him to international positions, first as a financial advisor at the Embassy of Spain in the United States (2003-2008), then as an expert at the Center for Tax Policy and Administration of the OECD (2010-2018), and currently at the Inter-American Development Bank. He has published research papers on the relation between taxation and development, in particular the mobilization of national resources. Other areas of research are corporate tax liability, technology applied to the tax administration and the future of Corporate Tax. Ubaldo González holds a PhD in Law and a degree in Philology from the Complutense University of Madrid and a member of the Higher Body of Tax Inspectors. He has taught numerous seminars and conferences around the world. It is an extraordinary doctorate prize, a prize from the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain, and a research prize from the Center for Financial Studies.

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