Luis Miguel Galindo

Luis Miguel Galindo

He completed his bachelor’s degree in Economics at UNAM, a master’s degree in Economics at CIDE; Master’s degree in Quantitative Methods for Development at the University of Warwick and PhD in Economics at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.He is currently a postgraduate professor in Economics at the UNAM Faculty of Economics. Previously he was head of the Climate Change Unit and regional advisor at ECLAC, he has worked for various Central Banks in Latin America and the Caribbean, regional and global financial organizations, various international organizations such as the United Nations, the Inter-American Development Bank and the World and various international cooperation, global NGOs such as World Research Institute (WRI) and private consulting firms. His research topics correspond to the economics of climate change, monetary and financial policy, green fiscal policy and the economics of addictions. He coordinated the study of the economics of climate change for Mexico and has published numerous academic articles and books on these topics.

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