Tax Ethics Course – 1st Ed.

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Objective: its main objective is to develop the capabilities, for elaborating proposals, tools and standards that may facilitate the promotion of public ethics, which initially requires understanding the basic criteria and principles that regulate it.

Language offered: Spanish and English

Target audience: it is intended for officials of the tax administrations of the CIAT member countries, as well as the public in general.

Duration: 11 weeks

Content: The course will develop the following topics:

Lesson 1. Ethics and Corruption

Lesson 2. Ethics in Public Administration

Lesson 3. Ethics or Tax Morale

Lesson 4. The Works of CIAT in the Promotion of Ethics in the Tax Administration

Lesson 5. The Structuring of Tax Ethics: Tax Citizenship

The requirements to participate in our courses are:

– Identity
– University graduate or postgraduate
– In the case of public agents, a certificate issued by the Human Resources indicating their status within the Administration.

Date of course: will be held from May 13, through July 29, 2019.

Registration will be received, via web, until April 13, 2019.

Payment may be made through bank transfer and credit cards (VISA and MasterCARD).

It is important to note that the costs do not include the taxes applicable in each national legislation. Therefore, the participants must pay the taxes and bank charges incurred when making the payment.


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