Review of “ICT As A Strategic Tool To Leapfrog The Efficiency Of Tax Administrations” by Alberto Barreix

This excellent book is a compendium of the current status, country experiences, and challenges of applying information technology to the main functions of a modern tax administration.

The study reveals clear progress in important areas such as collection, including from the financial system, online returns, and even the pioneering expansion of electronic invoicing and its further developments in 13 Latin-American countries. Also, this work also proposes improvements in relevant and insufficiently developed processes, such as the new methods of auditing based on risk and tax intelligence, electronic registration, collection and filing, and management of the human resources needed for the knowledge economy. These matters are addressed orderly in subsequent chapters.

Additionally, the thorough analyses of state-of-the-art technological innovations applied in modernizing processes serves as guidelines for their introduction in other jurisdictions. It also offers standards for the upgrading traditional processes or the implementation of new services in collaboration with national agents from the treatment of small taxpayers to the design of new system architectures.

This book’s findings and concrete proposals makes it a truly systemic handbook of managing information technology changes applied to the modernization of tax administration.

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