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Since CIAT was founded in 1967, it has been carrying out a constant editorial work, which has made it an important center for the dissemination of tax knowledge worldwide. Its vision is “To be the reference center for the best practices in tax administration in its member countries”.

As a result of this work, CIAT makes available a compilation of the publications that have been produced since 1967 to the present and upcoming releases for 2024. It is not a reference publication, but rather an interactive document, since the user has direct access in a simple and speedy manner, at any time and anywhere, to the complete contents of CIAT publications through the “QR Code” (Quick response code).

Thanks to mobile devices and the connection to internet, there are ever greater facilities within the users’ reach for accessing information from printed media.

CIAT’s publication and dissemination effort constitutes a basic component of our intensive technical activity represented in this compilation of Publications.

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