Note of the Executive Secretary to the Kenyan Revenue Authority

Dear John,

It is difficult to comprehend, and even more so express condolence, for this weekend’s acts of terrorism in Nairobi. Why do these things happen? And, why to the beautiful people of Kenya? I have no answers.

In the name of the CIAT Executive Secretariat, I wish to express my deepest felt pain for what has occurred. It should happen to no one, and less to the warm people of Nairobi. Our condolences to staff, family, friends and acquaintances of the Kenya Revenue Authority that might have been impacted by these barbaric acts. They are in our prayers.

Let me take this opportunity and thank you for the attentions granted to us, in particular, the care for our safety extended by the Kenyan security forces. Now in hindsight I’m even more grateful for their presence. While they were never taken for granted, the true value of their escort is now even greater in our minds. Thank you.

Honestly, I can’t find more words to express my feelings on this horrific tragedy. I just pray to God that all quickly returns to order and that His hand continues to protect the great people of Kenya.

Siempre un amigo,


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