E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Americas 2023

In 2018 CIAT began a new partnership with  Exchange Summit, in the capacity of “Media Partner”.

Exchange Summit is an international event focused on electronic invoicing. This annual event is traditional in Europe. Exchange Summit Americas was created in 2016, and Exchange Summit Asia in 2019.

CIAT has participated as a guest speaker in the editions of: Orlando, in May 2017, Barcelona, in October 2017, Miami, in May 2018, 2019 and in May 2022, Vienna, in October 2019 and in September 2021, in Singapore, in November 2019, and in the virtual edition of March 2021, Lisbon and Singapore in 2022, and Dubai in 2023, represented by Vinicius Pimentel de Freitas, who on some of those occasions presented a vision on electronic invoicing in Latin America, from the point of view of the Tax Administrations, but especially on the latter occasions he has participated in panels discussing the international interoperability of the use of electronic invoices, in addition to commenting on other uses of electronic invoicing in the tax administrations, beyond the tax control.

E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Americas 2023 will be held in Miami, on April 24-26, and again CIAT will be represented by Vinicius Pimentel de Freitas, as one of the speakers with the theme: Beyond Taxes and E-Invoicing Exchange.

For more information, interested participants may contact:

Alexandra Bayer
alexandra.bayer@vereon.ch; jvm@vereon.ch

All information about the Miami event is available at the Website of the event:   www.exchange-summit.com/americas

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