Data Governance for Tax Administrations: A Practical Guide

This new CIAT publication, sponsored by the German Cooperation GIZ, explores the challenges and opportunities that tax administrations face when dealing with large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured; that should comply with regulations that go beyond the tax legislation and include personal privacy, commercial secrecy, and transparency; that require minimum standards of quality; and that should be used and accessed under proper security. Data should be properly managed during its full life cycle.

The book explores different topics that a tax administration must consider in the path of becoming a data-driven organization, including the identification of required capabilities; the implementation of data governance bodies within the organizational structure and culture; the new roles for people and their required competences; a maturity assessment process; and a set of guidelines for the implementation of an initial project and later the adoption of a permanent and lasting process.

The book, authored by Andrés Duque, Wolney Martins, Antonio Seco and Raul Zambrano; contains the following chapters:

  • Setting the Landscape
  • Data Governance at-a-glance
  • Data Governance for Tax Administrations: Strategic Perspectives
  • Data Governance for Tax Administration: Modeling Proposal
  • Data Governance for Tax Administration: Maturity Assessment
  • Data Governance Tools
  • Roadmap for the implementation of data governance in a tax administration
  • Data Governance Guides

It is now available for download in English from our library via the following LINK:


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