LTC Gabriele Gargano

Curriculum Vitae LTC Gabriele Gargano

  • Bachelor cum laude in Political Science – international-economic discourse.
    • Master’s Degree in Business Administration.
      • Postgraduate Diploma in Law and Economics of the European Communities.
        • Master of Specialization in European Studies.
          • Bachelor of Science in Economic and Financial Security.
            • Lecturer at the Economic-Financial Police School of the Guardia di Finanza in the subjects “OS Int. Activities, collection and processing of information”, “Intelligence activities / operational and tactical analysis in the fight against tax evasion”, “Techniques of economic investigation – “Techniques of financial information”.

            As an officer of the Financial Guard, he performed the following functions

            • Liaison officer in Montenegro at the ICPO-Interpol office.
              • Squadron Leader of the General Command / Department II in Rome. During this period, as an expert in EU law for the Guardia di Finanza, he operated in the working group “Acquis Schengen” and in the meetings of the World Customs Organization in Brussels.
                • Commander of the Monopoli Company (Ba).
                  • Head of the Information Investigations Coordination Section of the General Command / Department II in Rome.
                    • Commander of the Economic and Financial Police Unit in Brindisi.
                      • Currently Economic and Financial Expert at the Italian Embassy in Panama and Head of the Italian Mission at the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT).


                      • Gold Medal of Merit in the Guardia di Finanza;
                        • Golden Cross for length of service (25 years) in the Guardia di Finanza;
                          • Bronze medal for public merit from the Department of Civil Protection;
                            • Badge for the Guardia di Finanza mission in Montenegro;
                              • Badge for the “Spring Operation” of the Guardia di Finanza in Puglia;
                                • Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic;
                                  • Medal of Merit of Mauritius for ten decades of military career;
                                    • Title of “Friend of Albania”.

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