CIAT visits the Trinidad and Tobago Tax Administration.

Thanks to the hospitality of Mrs. Deokie Hosein, Chairman of the “Board of Inland Revenue” of Trinidad and Tobago, an official mission to their offices was carried out by CIAT’s International Taxation and Cooperation Director, Mr. Gonzalo Arias to analyze and discuss the main legal issues related to the tax system, the legal framework that regulates the tax administration and its key processes.

The visit was financed with funds from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) within the framework of the study entitled: “Status of the Tax Administrations”, which currently has relevant information on the tax administrations of the Latin American countries. Nevertheless, in order to provide a complete overview of the region, it is intended to be expanded to the Caribbean countries.

Also, the ongoing collaboration given by Ms. Hosein and her team mainly formed by Mrs. Sandra Nimblett, Director of “Tax Administration Improvement”, Phyllis Siew, “Assistant Commissioner Inland Revenue to the Chairman”; Sheila Seecharan, ACIR; Audit and Mr. Oswald Goodman “Revenue Planning Officer” allowed us to prepare and obtain high quality information for the aforementioned study, information for the Study on “Transfer Pricing in Latin America and the Caribbean” being carried out under the ITC/CIAT/GIZ collaboration program as well as to discuss alternatives for mutual cooperation in different areas.

We take this opportunity to thank the Trinidad and Tobago Tax Administration most sincerely for its contribution to these important studies.


From left to right: Ms.Deokie Hosein, Mr.Gonzalo Arias,
Mr.Oswald Goodman, Ms. Sandra Nimblett and Ms. Phyllis Siew



From left to right; Ms. Deokie Hosein, Board of Inland Revenue of Trinidad and Tobago
and Mr. Gonzalo Arias, International Taxation and Cooperation Director of CIAT



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