CIAT, supported by GIZ and SAT of Mexico, develops a network of experts in tax risk management

On July 11 to 13, at the central office of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) of Mexico, a workshop was held on “Models of Tax Noncompliance Risk”. The tax administrations participants exchanged knowledge, best practices and experiences aimed at detecting and mitigating risks of tax noncompliance and strategies for understanding the taxpayers’ behaviors, and when appropriate, promote a shift towards compliance processes.

The last session of this workshop was to identify a first work to be addressed by the network of experts in tax noncompliance risk management, which was formally established at the end of the workshop.

This activity was made possible thanks to the participation of the tax administrations of Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Bermuda, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Ecuador, Spain, Britain, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay; the financing of GIZ of Germany and the support provided by the SAT of Mexico. The works that will be addressed through the Network during the next two years will be financed by the GIZ-CIAT Cooperation Agreement.

On behalf of the CIAT Executive Secretariat, we express special thanks to all those who made possible this new initiative.

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