CIAT participated in the 8th Luso-Brazilian Congress of Tax Auditors

CIAT was invited to participate in the 8th Luso-Brazilian Congress of Tax Auditors, whose central theme was “Tax Reform – The Discovery of a New World and its Challenges” held in Natal, Brazil from May 26 to 29, 2024.

This international event was organized by the main tax organizations of Portugal and Brazil: APIT – Portuguese Trade Union Association of Tax and Customs Inspection Professionals; FEBRAFITE – National Association of State Tax Inspectors; and UNAFISCO NACIONAL – National Association of Tax Auditors of the Federal Revenue of Brazil.

Márcio Ferreira Verdi, CIAT Executive Secretary Photo from the event’s Instagram

The objective was to discuss issues related to tax administration, bringing together more than 600 tax and customs inspection professionals from Portugal and Spain, as well as Brazilian tax auditors at the federal, state/district and municipal levels.

Mr. Márcio Ferreira Verdi, CIAT Executive Secretary, participated as a speaker with the topic: Mechanisms for the prevention and resolution of conflicts and the promotion of voluntary compliance.



For more information: Visit the event’s website

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