As result of the support provided by the CIAT-SECO Cooperation Program, the Tax Administration of Guyana progresses in key areas

On December 13 and 14, 2017, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) received officials from the CIAT Executive Secretariat with the purpose of discussing the progress made in the scope of ​​the CIAT-SECO Cooperation Program, and determine action plans for next year.

Through the aforementioned Cooperation Program and since 2015, Guyana has received technical assistance in the areas of tax intelligence, control of large taxpayers, and collection processes. All areas have registered advances, highlighting among the most relevant the expansion of the taxpayer base as a result of the implementation of risk models, the creation of the large taxpayer unit and an audit manual directed at this segment of taxpayers; and the identification of areas for improvement in relation to collection and collection processes.

CIAT appreciates the support that SECO, the Receita Federal do Brasil and our consultants provide to our member countries through its Executive Secretariat and highlights GRA’s commitment to continue capitalizing on the support provided.


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