Advances of the National Tax Administration Office of Cuba (ONAT): Experiences in Collection Management and Compliance Control; achievements reached with the CIAT- NORAD Program

From July 20 to 21, 2023, a workshop entitled “Experiences in Collection Management and Compliance Control” was held in Panama. The purpose of the workshop was to present the achievements made by ONAT as a result of the technical assistance project for the “Improvement of Collection in the National Tax Administration Office” of Cuba, executed within the framework of the Cooperation Program between CIAT and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).

The workshop was an opportunity to present the aforementioned results, based on innovative solutions that have made it possible to adapt international practices to the Cuban context and to discuss initiatives, lessons learned and international best practices in similar areas, with invited experts from the tax administrations of Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay. The round table discussions revolved around experiences in the automation and modernization of the taxpayer registry; experiences in risk-based compliance management and control; and the design and implementation of macro projects, such as electronic invoicing and Big Data.

In his opening remarks, the CIAT Executive Secretary highlighted the relevance of NORAD’s contribution to address strategic needs of tax administrations and strengthen them; and the commitment and effort of the ONAT to capitalize on the technical support provided by the Program.

According to the words of the Deputy Director of the ONAT at the inauguration of this workshop, “the collection improvement project became the Tax Administration improvement project”, given the dimension and scope of the project from its original conception to the present. Additionally, he thanked NORAD, CIAT and the team of consultants, saying: “The diagnostic report delivered at the beginning of the consultancy has become a reference document, still used as a roadmap for the Tax Administration”.

The CIAT Executive Secretariat thanks the participating tax administrations for their valuable contribution and active participation in the discussions, and particularly NORAD for the valuable support provided, through CIAT, to the tax administrations of its member countries.

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