2006-2010: Data

2006-2010: Data

  • Executed budget
  • Budget executed by type of expenditure
  • Type of financing
  • Number of employees
  • Distribution of employees by central and operational areas
  • Distribution of employees by function
  • Human Resources in examination areas
  • Academic background of Employees
  • Employees according to age
  • Employees according to seniority
  • Employees according to gender
  • Budget allocated for training
  • Remuneration of a junior auditor
  • Sanctions issued and their amount
  • Sanctions by type of sanction
  • Delinquent interest on debts in local currency ( annually effective)
  • Judgments for tax offenses
  • Number of taxpayers
  • Number of taxpayers by type
  • Taxpayer by type of tax
  • Queries answered
  • Databases on FAQs in Internet
  • Pre-made or draft returns
  • Returns filed according to support
  • Returns filed according to type of tax
  • Nonfilers
  • Selection criteria for examination
  • Field audit
  • Massive Auditing (based on information crosschecks)
  • Integral Auditing
  • Delinquent debt registered and recovered
  • Age of delinquent debt
  • Distribution of delinquent debt
  • Numbers of seizures and amounts recovered
  • Payments in installments and deferrals
  • Administrative appeals
  • Tax Court Appeals
  • Law court appeals
  • Registered non-resident taxpayers
  • Information exchange
  • Examination of International Operations (Transfer Pricing)
  • Large Taxpayers Units
  • Relative importance of collection from Large Taxpayers
  • Visits to the Institutional web site

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