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Aware of the importance of enabling tax knowledge, disseminating and sharing good and innovative practices and stimulating the consolidation of an “international community” centered on exchange, dialog and consensus on tax matters, we have opened the registration in the “My CIAT” tax information service to users.

This information service shall facilitate the use and access to the present content on our Website free of charge; enabling to browse documents and publications of interest, since they are available in any of the site sections, or in the Virtual Library for queries and downloading.


Benefits for members of the My CIAT Community
Upon subscribing to “My CIAT”, you will receive the “Tax News Alert” daily, and the “e-CIAT” newsletter quarterly, to stay ahead of all the news regarding international tax affairs. Likewise, users shall access our magazines; studies, statistics and research work, as well as those from other international agencies who share our international tax agenda.


Through My CIAT, you shall also be able to actively participate in the shared opinion spaces that are regularly held in our Website: the “CIAT Talk” chats and the online discussion fora devoted to exchanging ideas, standpoints, opinions and experiences. Such activities are lead by highly experienced specialists with knowledge on different international tax and taxation topics.


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Our most important objective is to promote comprehensive and on-going dialog on aspects of tax policy and administration to increase consistency in the processes and practices implemented in this field.


We wish you take the best advantage of our international platform.


Do participate! We are looking forward to meeting you here.