Products and Services

CIAT’s mission is materialized through different types of products and services. All endeavor to fully satisfy its member countries, associate member countries and, in general the entire MyCIAT Community. Efforts are devoted to presenting the most important ones in this section. These include Technical Assistance, in the ad-hoc assistance modalities, apprenticeships for bilateral cooperation and follow-up and execution of projects. They also cover Training activities for public officials, in the face-to-face as well as virtual platform modality through the virtual campus; dissemination of basic information on tax policy and administration of the member countries through CIATData. Also included are the Publications that reflect CIAT’s scientific work, either developed by the Executive Secretariat’s staff or external collaborators; specific results of the new microdata compilation program based on Surveys which CIAT is carrying out with international cooperation and finally, access to the knowledge base accumulated by our center since its creation, which is being made available through the “Jorge Eduardo Corradine” On-Line Library.