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The International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) is a pre-eminent, independent, non-profit foundation that has as its ultimate goal to promote and disseminate the understanding of cross-border taxation at the highest level. Established in 1938, IBFD has a long-standing history in supporting and contributing to tax research and academic activities. IBFD specialists of over 30 different nationalities, supported by a global network of tax experts, serve Fortune 500 companies, governments, international consultancy firms and tax advisers. IBFD publishes books and journals that cover all areas of international taxation, while its powerful online Tax Research Platform allows tax practitioners around the world to access, compare and analyse valuable and clearly structured information. The IBFD's international tax training offers a wide range of classroom courses, online courses, and tailored courses that can be provided at the participants' venue of choice, while its Library comprises the largest collection of international tax publications in the world. Other activities developed by the IBFD include governmental advisory, research and tax information on specific topics, and different academic activities.

The IBFD page for Spanish speaking countries provides up-to-date information concerning conferences, events and courses; news and publications related to Latin America.



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