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CIAT/AEAT/IEF Tax Administration Review

Institutional review published as part of the Technical Cooperation Agreement which CIAT maintains with the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IEF) and the State Agency of Tax Administration (AEAT), both from Spain. See announcement /Articles Submission Guidelines

Serve as means for disseminating and exchanging knowledge regarding international practices in tax policy and administration in the CIAT member and associate member countries.


All officials from the tax administrations of the CIAT member and associate member countries may participate. Following evaluation by the Editorial Council, those members of the MyCiat Community that are not part of a tax administration may also participate.


Profile of the articles
The Tax Administration Review mainly aims to promote dialogue between specialists and satisfy information requirements and policy analysis for the tax and customs administrations of CIAT members and associate members countries. Therefore:

  • Articles should discuss the tax or customs practice in these countries in such a way that they facilitate international comparison or contribute to their development.
  • The Articles topics must be the following: Service to the taxpayer, methodologies, information technology, organization and strategy, legal framework and tax policy. Other topics duly justified by the author shall be considered.


Editorial Council
The Editorial Board is formed by Marcio Verdi (Executive Secretary), Miguel Pecho (Director of Tax Studies and Research), Luis Cremades (Head of the Spanish Mission), Stefano Gesuelli (Head of the Italian mission) and Fernando Herrero (Advisor on Policy and Tax Management).



The execution of the virtual and classroom courses we promote calls for the need to set up a group of tutors with extensive knowledge and expertise, as a means to ensure compliance with our objective of delivering fundamental knowledge to tax administration officials on the fundamental notions regarding the most relevant taxation issues.



  • Minimum 5-years professional experience;
  • University degree related with the course subject (Postgraduate and Master’s degrees are considered).
  • Fluency in Spanish, English or Portuguese.



  • Minimum 5-years experience regarding the course subject.
  • Experience as lecturer; E-learning experience is considered;
  • Skills in Windows and Internet tools.



  • To render services to CIAT in developing the Course subject;
  • Address the questions made in each lesson by the course participants in the term defined for such end;
  • Posing topics for discussion in the fora (related with lessons scheduled for the subsequent two weeks), coordinating their development, drafting conclusions and forwarding them to participants via the Virtual Campus;
  • Contributing to improve lesson contents under CIAT-coordination;
  • Identify and deliver additionally reading material that shall be posted on the Virtual Campus Library;
  • Evaluate within the term established, the final reports submitted by participants;
  • Perform their work according to the highest levels of professional skills and ethics, in line with local laws and customs and in coordination with the officials participating in this activity;
  • Guarantee confidentiality on the relevant matters arising from the services rendered.